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This page contains information about the PPUATS Special Transportation Planning Studies

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Special Studies

In recent years, TCRPC has set aside $90,000 of annual MPO funds to be programmed for local jurisdictions in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) to undertake special transportation planning projects. Jurisdictions may apply for all or part of the $90,000, but may not request any amount beyond $90,000. Projects must be complete by the end of the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). A project may be phased, but there is no guarantee that additional funding will be made available in future years.

Eligible Activities/Projects

Funds must be used for transportation planning projects that meet the requirements of the FAST Act, in particular, 23 USC 134. (These are the same requirements that PPUATS staff uses under its responsibilities as an MPO.)

Examples of eligible projects include:

Traffic operation – planning studies
Corridor plans and feasibility studies,
Bicycle/pedestrian plans,
Transit planning, including para-transit,
Travel demand modeling or GIS,
Data collection and analysis,
Storm water planning as it applies to transportation,
Freight planning, including air
Asset management,
Transportation system management (environmental mitigation)

This is not a complete list of eligible projects. To determine if your project is eligible, please discuss with staff. Engineering and construction are NOT eligible. Completed projects from past years can be found at the bottom of this page.
Eligible Applicants

Dues-paying members of PPUATS are eligible to apply for funding. Non-member local jurisdictions within the MPA must be sponsored by a PPUATS member.