Surface Transportation Block Grant Program

Regionally-significant projects

This page contains information about the PPUATS STU allocation

The Surface Transportation Block Grant (formerly referred to as STU) are federal funds allocated annually to the urbanized area through IDOT which are programmed by PPUATS. STBG funds may be used to fully or partially fund regionally-significant roadway projects in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA):

  • New roadway projects
  • Roadway enhancement projects
  • Roadway resurfacing projects

Eligible Activities/Projects

For a detailed list of eligible projects, see the most current guidelines for PPUATS STU Application Procedures and Selection Criteria for New Roadways & Existing Roadways or the Resurfacing Pilot Program

Construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or operational improvements of roadways
Projects relating to intersections that have high accident rates and/or high congestion levels
Capital costs for transit projects eligible for assistance under Chapter 53 of Title 49
Transportation alternatives, including recreational trails
INELIGIBLE: Engineering, ROW Acquisition, Utility Relocation, all other activities otherwise eligible under 23 USC 133 Surface Transportation Block Grant Program

Eligible Applicants

Dues-paying members of PPUATS are eligible to apply for funding. Non-member local jurisdictions within the MPA must be sponsored by a PPUATS member.


The most recent project selection process was completed July 2017. Stay tuned for future funding announcements expected early 2019.