Central Illinois Committee on NPDES Phase II Regulations

Protecting our water

The CICN is a collective group of local agencies working to comply with the Illinois EPA’s NPDES Phase II Storm Water Regulations.

Illinois EPA’s NPDES Site

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency hosts a website containing additional NPDES information and Resources

MS4 Permit Requirements

Illinois EPA also hosts a site containing information and resources regarding MS4 Requirements

CICN Area Map

Is your community affected by NPDES regulations? Check this digital map displaying the full CICN area

What is the CICN?

The CICN is a cooperative, group effort among Central Illinois government agencies to meet the requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II requirements.

What does the CICN do?

The CICN performs the following functions:

Public Participation & Involvement

Each member agency provides opportunities for public participation and involvement.

Illicit discharge detection and elimination

Each member agency has various forms of storm water mapping.

Construction site runoff control

Each agency has various ordinances and policies in regards to construction site runoff control.

Post-construction runoff control

Post-Construction Runoff Control is commonly associated with storm water detention ponds. Each member agency has specific requirements for ownership and maintenance of storm water detention ponds.

Pollution prevention & good housekeeping

Each member agency performs pollution prevention/good housekeeping to help protect the environment. Street sweeping and quantity controlled de-icing applications are just a couple of these practices.

Public education and outreach

Publications to provide folks young and old steps they can take to improve the quality of our water and soils.

Information and media

The CICN is always seeking new materials and media to help educate the public about storm water management and healthy water systems. Check back regularly for new stuff!

Video: Storm Water Management and What You Can Do To Help

Storm Water and Soil Publications & Resources


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