Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Tri-County region consists of three counties, 48 communities, and over 350,000 residents. The Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area spans three counties, incorporates 16 municipalities, and services over 240,000 residents. Additionally, the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), which is the Urbanized Area (UA) plus the adjacent area expected to urbanize within 20 years, incorporates eight additional municipalities and increases the population by over 55,000. 

All UA that exceed 50,000 in population must have a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), according to the Title 23 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Section 450.310. Furthermore, all regions with over 200,000 in population are also classified as a Transportation Management Area (TMA). 

As the MPO, TCRPC is responsible for transportation planning as outlined in Title 23 CFR Part 450 Subpart C. The MPO planning process brings together local government, transportation authorities, and interested citizens to create transportation policy and develop comprehensive plans that reflect the region’s future transportation vision. The MPO jurisdiction is the MPA and is showcased on the adjacent map as the 20-Year Planning Boundary. 

TCRPC receives federal funding on an annual basis to carry out its transportation planning mission in the MPA. The federal funds come from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) via the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). Please note the MPO cannot implement infrastructure capital projects; it is strictly a planning agency providing planning expertise and advocacy for regionally significant projects.

See below for a complete list of municipalities within the UA and the communities within the MPA.

The Peoria-Pekin UA includes 16 municipalities across Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties:

Village of BartonvilleVillage of BellevueCity of Chillicothe
Village of Creve Coeur
Village of DunlapCity of East PeoriaVillage of Germantown HillsVillage of Marquette Heights
Village of MortonVillage of North PekinVillage of NorwoodCity of Pekin
City of PeoriaVillage of Peoria HeightsCity of WashingtonCity of West Peoria

The MPA includes eight municipalities along with those in the UA. They are:

Village of Bay View GardenVillage of Hanna CityVillage of Kingston MinesVillage of Mapleton
Village of MetamoraVillage of South PekinVillage of Spring BayVillage of Tremont

Transportation Plans and Programs

The MPO coordinates and completes many transportation plans, projects, and studies, some required by federal law. These plans and programs result from the inclusive transportation planning process and delineate the region’s future transportation vision, help implement and monitor projects, and provide financial guidance for the MPO.

Unified Planning Work Program

A plan that outlines the day-to-day activies of the MPO and sets the budget for all transportation planning activities for the specified Fiscal Year.

Public Participation Plan

A plan outlining the policies and procedures of the MPO involves stakeholders and the general public in the transportation planning process.

Congestion Management Process

A plan that maps the region’s transportation network and identifies the areas with high traffic to be able to manage them effectively in the future.

Long-Range Transportation Plan

A long-range plan that services the region's future transportation vision and blueprint for managing the Peoria-Pekin transportation system for the next 25 years.

Transportation Improvement Plan

A short-range plan that identifies all federally funded transportation-related projects within the MPA to be carried out during a four-year program horizon.

Previous Obligated Projects

A publication that lists all federally funded transportation projects in MPA that the federal government has financially committed to their portion of the project.
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