The mobility of freight from, to, and through this region is important factor by which transportation can enhance economic development opportunities. Resources on this page aim to shed some light on the current state of and future plans for freight transportation in Greater Peoria.

Greater Peoria Multi-Modal Freight Growth Study

TCRPC has engaged with an experienced consultant in freight planning to examine the feasibility of a multi-modal port in our region along the Illinois River. Local and regional representatives from the public and private sectors aim to direct appropriate capital improvements to our region’s port and related infrastructure. Currently, two phased studies have been completed and are available here to review. A third, more intensive study is currently pending.

  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • State Freight Planning

Freight in Illinois

Did you know Illinois ranks third in the country in freight tonnage?! Illinois has been and continues to be a key hub in the national freight transportation network. Railroads, rivers, interstates and airports all combine to provide a wide range of options and opportunity for transporting a broad spectrum of goods. IDOT’s 2012 Freight Mobility Plan to the right is the most recent state-wide freight plan available, however the five-year update is expected to be completed and made available in the very near future!

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