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Ryan Harms, Planner III, beloved staff member and colleague

In Memorium

It is with a heavy heart and shock that we share with you the very sad news that our colleague and friend, Ryan Harms, passed away on Sunday, September 5, 2021, while swimming in Lake Michigan. We ask that you keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as they make their way through this tragic event.

As all of you know and have witnessed, Ryan’s knowledge of everything transportation and the professional manner with which he shared that knowledge engendered a level of respect with everyone he encountered. From fellow staff members to the Chairmen of the Commission, Commissioners, Technical Committee, Program Managers at IDOT, members of the consulting community and the public, he was always willing to assist with any planning question, issue or task if it enhanced the benefits of planning outcomes for others. Ryan was really coming into his own as not only a transportation planner but as a leader of those and other regional planning efforts.

We will miss Ryan’s passion for planning and the towering stature from which he rendered his contemplative thoughts and opinions. Our Planning Community spans municipalities, counties, State Departments, Federal Agencies, and consultants from across the country yet we all will feel the loss of Ryan Harms. Rest In Peace, Ryan.

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