What is TCRPC?

TCRPC Jurisdiction Area Map

Regional Planning Commission

Established in 1958, TCRPC serves as the Regional Planning Commission for the Tri-County Region of Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties, located in Central Illinois. Regional Planning Commissions are voluntary multi-service entities formed under Illinois law by counties, municipalities, and towns to serve local government planning needs. The primary function of an RPC is to study the needs and conditions of a region and to develop strategies that enhance the region’s communities.

TCRPC seeks to promote intergovernmental cooperation, regional planning, and a vision for the future by offering a forum for leaders of local government, defining regional issues, setting goals, and cooperatively implementing plans for the Tri-County area. Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is the “Steward of the Regional Vision.”

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Metropolitan Planning Organization

TCRPC established the Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study (PPUATS) in 1976 to function as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for our area. As the recognized MPO, PPUATS carries out the federally-required continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (3-C) transportation planning processes for the Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area. PPUATS members include the three counties, numerous municipalities in the region, the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, IDOT, the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria, and TCRPC.

PPUATS is composed of two committees: the Policy Committee and the Technical Committee. The Policy Committee is the decision-making body of PPUATS and is made up of elected officials representing their respective communities. The Technical Committee serves as an advisory body and is made up of public works and/or transportation staff. The vast majority of actions voted on by the Policy Committee are recommendations from the Technical Committee.

The PPUATS planning process brings together local governments, transportation authorities, and interested members of the public to assist in creating transportation policy and developing comprehensive plans that reflect the area’s transportation vision for the future. The MPO jurisdiction consists of the Urbanized Area and a 20-Year Planning Boundary.

TCRPC Planning Boundaries

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