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Hazard Mitigation Plan in Public Review

The Hazard Mitigation Committee met and held a public forum at which they voted to submit the draft Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan to IEMA.


Request for Proposals: Digital Orthophotography Acquisition

TCRPC requests proposals for digital orthophotography on behalf of its local government partners: Logan County, Peoria County, Tazewell County, and Woodford County. Proposals are due November 2, 2018 at 4:30pm to Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.


Peoria Unveils Downtown Wayfinding Plan (Peoria Public Radio)

As part of its Special Transportation Studies program, PPUATS provided funding for the Peoria Downtown Wayfinding Study. The City and consultant Corbin Design held a public meeting to gain reactions to the proposed sign family and placement plan.


Spring 2018 TCRPC Newsletter

Our Spring newsletter is hot off the presses! Find out what TCRPC has been up to and learn about what issues are facing the region!


Completing the Region’s Streets Through Collaboration

Think of a street like a Rubik’s cube. Different colored squares could represent modes of transportation or streetscape elements. The end product is a multicolored cube, showing several transportation options in a safe space—i.e., the concept of a “Complete Street.”

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