Trans. Funding Presentation – May 2

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission cordially invites our federal, state and local elected officials and other key transportation stakeholders to attend a presentation on the current state of transportation funding in Illinois.  Craig Fink, Tazewell County Engineer and Past President of the Illinois Association of County Engineers, will be our featured presenter and will provide a detailed look at the current structure of our transportation funding and how it is failing to stack up against the needs and associated costs to maintain and upgrade our local transportation infrastructure.  In addition to the statewide perspective, the fiscal impact on each municipality, county and township/road district within the Tri-County area of Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties will be presented as well.

Highway Funding FlyerOur transportation system is so many things.  It can be our single link to the outside world as well as our conduit for recreation and leisure.  It can provide vital access for life-saving emergency services as well as the means for safe arrival of our children to and from school.  It forms the backbone for delivery of our parcel post and mail.  It serves as an essential link for our products and services to reach their destinations and in many cases it is the sole link to deliver our abundant agricultural produce from some of the most productive farmland in the world to the local, state, national and world markets.  It drives the economy in every corner of the nation, state and tri-county area.

It is critical to understand our current method of funding as we look towards improving the efficiency of our transportation system investment to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  This presentation will provide a solid foundation to kick off the dialogue with our federal, state and local leaders on how to preserve and improve our transportation system.

Below you will find a few of the slides from the presentation.  These will be fully explained in the context of the complete presentation during this event.

We certainly hope you can join us for this unique and important opportunity.

Event flyer  |  Example slides from the presentation

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