The Village of Princeville Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Princeville and Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) have been working together to update the Village’s Comprehensive Plan. In 2019, Village Officials, Stakeholders, and TCRPC staff formed a Steering Committee to help guide the planning process. In September 2019, the Steering Committee hosted an open house at the Lillie M. Evans Library in Princeville for the public to learn more about the planning process and supply input. A week later, after the open house, TCRPC staff hosted two student workshops at Princeville High School to teach seniors about the field of Urban Planning, involve them in┬áthe Comprehensive Planning Process, and gather input about their community.

After a brief pause in the planning process, the Village of Princeville is now in its public comment phase. The Village held a public hearing on Thursday, January 28th at 7:00 pm. Following the public hearing is a 30-day comment period. Interested individuals are encouraged to review the draft plan and supply comments by Sunday, February 28th. The draft plan is available digitally on the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission’s website (see link below) and Village of Princeville website, or in-person at the Princeville Village Hall.

Learn more about the Comprehensive Planning Process, review the Princeville Draft Plan, and supply your input at the project’s webpage:

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