What is BikeConnect HOI?

BikeConnect HOI is a regional bicycle planning process for the greater Peoria area.

The planning process will identify a proposed regional bicycle network within Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties. The primary focus of this regional planning process is to identify a proposed bicycle network that connects communities within the region.
The planning process will also identify ways that our region can become a more bicycle-friendly region, such as through educational efforts and policy initiatives.

Why is BikeConnect HOI being developed?

There is increasing interest in bicycle transportation in our region. Local communities are developing more bikeways, and more roadway improvements are being planned to include bicycle accommodations.

However, there is no plan for a regional network that provides bicycle connections between communities. Also, there has never been a collaborative regional effort to examine potential policies and educational programs that could strengthen bicycle transportation in the region.

How can I get involved in the BikeConnect HOI process?

One of our top priorities is receiving feedback, opinions, and guidance from the people that interact with the bicycle network. That means YOU. Whether you bike to work every day, bike for fun on weekends, or haven’t gotten on a bike since grade school, your vision for a regional bicycle network is important and we want to hear about it. Here are a few ways you can make your voice heard:


MindMixer is the digital equivalent of a town hall meeting: people from different corners of the community coming together to discuss issues and make suggestions. At you can join other community members who have already begun discussing potential improvements and additions to the regional bicycle network.

Public Events

We are putting up a table at just about any event that will have us to solicit feedback, distribute information, and discuss the regional bicycle network with anyone that happens to walk by. We’ve also brought back the Innovation Board from the LRTP and invite anyone attending an event to place their big idea for improving the bicycle network for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and ALL users of the transportation network. Head over to the News & Events tab to find out where we’ll be next.


If you’re on Facebook, head over to the TCRPC Facebook page for updates on the planning process, news, and other issues affecting the Tri-County Region.


If you have any additional questions regarding BikeConnect HOI, please contact Nick Hayward at

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