Transportation Planning (PPUATS)

The Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study (PPUATS) is the transportation entity of TCRPC and the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for our urbanized area. boundary. As the MPO, PPUATS brings together local governments, transportation authorities, and interested members of the public to assist in creating transportation policy and developing comprehensive plans that reflect the future of the area’s transportation system.

Meeting Federal Requirements

In order to receive federal funding, PPUATS must produce three transportation planning documents. PPUATS updates its Unified Work Program (UWP) and the region’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) every year, and updates the region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan every five years. PPUATS evaluates the success of the region’s transportation investments using performance measures, assessed annually.

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) serves as a guide for the future development and maintenance of the Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area transportation system. It covers a 25-year period and identifies current and future needs based on population projections and travel demand. READ MORE →

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a required document listing all federally-funded highway, transit, and enhancement projects to take place in the metropolitan planning area in the next four years. TCRPC prepares the TIP annually in cooperation with PPUATS and IDOT. READ MORE →

Unified Work Program

The Unified Work Program (UWP) is prepared annually to direct day-to-day work of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). It lists the transportation planning projects and budget of TCRPC staff. The Peoria Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study (PPUATS) oversees the work of the projects listed in the UWP. READ MORE →

Federal transportation bills MAP-21 and the FAST Act have mandated certain transportation performance measures which should guide transportation investment decision making. READ MORE →

PPUATS Committee Membership

Membership in PPUATS includes the three counties, numerous municipalities in the region, the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, IDOT, the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria, and TCRPC.

PPUATS Policy Committee

Name Represents Email
Karen Dvorsky IDOT
Terrisa Worsfold* IDOT
Tom O'Neil Peoria County
Stephen Morris Chair Peoria County
Greg Sinn Tazewell County
Mike Harris Tazewell County
Greg Menold* Tazewell County
Doug Huser Woodford County
Donald White Chillicothe
John McCabe Vice Chair City of Pekin
Dave Mingus City of East Peoria
Jeff Eder City of East Peoria
Scott Reeise City of Peoria
Patrick Urich City Manager
Jane Gerdes* City of Peoria
Nick Stoffer* City of Peoria
Ross Black* City of Peoria
Jim Ardis City of Peoria
Leon Ricca Bartonville
Bob Lawless* Bartonville
James Dillion West Peoria
Kinga Krider* West Peoria
Jeff Kauffman Village of Morton
Sam Heer* Village of Morton
Dustin Sutton Peoria Heights
Mike Casey* Peoria Heights
Fred Lang Creve Coeur
Terry Keogel* Creve Coeur
Gary Manier Washington
Jim Culotta* City of Washington
Sharon McBride CityLink
Doug Roelfs* CityLink
Mark Rothert* City of Pekin
Mike Hinrichsen Germantown Hills

Technical Committee

Name Represents Email
Amy Benecke-Mclaren Peoria County
Jeff Gilles Peoria County
Peoria County*
Craig Fink Tazewell County
Dan Parr Tazewell County
Conrad Moore Woodford County
Bill Lewis City of Peoria
Nick Stoffer City of Peoria
Stephen Letsky City of Peoria
Jane Gerdes* City of Peoria
Angela Klopfenstein* City of Peoria
Michael Guerra City of Pekin
Josie Esker City of Pekin*
Ty Livingston City of East Peoria*
Mike Casey Peoria Heights
Dustin Sutton* Peoria Heights
Ed Andrews Chair City of Washington
Jon Oliphant City of Washington*
Patrick Meyer Village of Bartonville
Terissa Worsfold IDOT
Karen Dvorsky* IDOT
Henry Strube Jr. Village of West Peoria
James Dillon Village of West Peoria*
Craig Loudermilk Village of Morton
Frank Sturm Village of Morton
Kenneth Coulter City of Chillicothe
Courtney Allyn Village of Creve Coeur
Doug Roelfs CityLink
Joe Alexander* CityLink
Gene Olsen MAAP
Eric Miller TCRPC
Rich Becklin Village of Germantown Hills
Rick Semonski City of East Peoria