Tarter Source: The Illinois River needs our help

Eric Miller and Ray Lees continue the discussion on the Illinois River with host Steve Tarter of “Tarter Source” a Peoria Journal Star podcast. Listen to find out what is happening to one of Peoria’s greatest assets – the Peoria Lakes – and why you should partake in conservation efforts now.

To learn more about the Peoria Lakes and the Peoria Lakes Comprehensive Conservation Plan, visit PartakeInPeoriaLakes.org

Mackenzie Clauss
Mackenzie Clauss
Mackenzie joined TCRPC as Communications Intern in May 2017. She helped TCRPC enhance its public engagement strategies, providing a new public face for the organization. She wrote articles for regional publications, managed TCRPC's social media, and prepared press releases, among other things. Mackenzie left TCRPC in November 2017 after earning her bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication from Bradley University.

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