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Your input on the proposed new passenger rail service is needed. Please take the survey and let us know what you think about passenger rail service in the Greater Peoria area. Click here to participate.

It is critical that a robust response to this survey is received. In addition to completing the survey, we are seeking your assistance in getting the word out to promote the survey to ensure the greatest participation possible.



The Illinois Department of Transportation and local leaders are investigating the potential of passenger rail service between Peoria and Chicago. Passenger rail service would enhance the transportation system of the greater Peoria region and Central Illinois, provide an additional mode of transportation, support anticipated growth, improve regional connectivity, promote opportunities for businesses and tourism, and support diversity and inclusion throughout the region.

In support of this effort, a committee of local and regional leaders has been formed. The committee members include:

City of Peoria Mayor Rita Ali   46th District Senator Dave Koehler
18th District Representative Darin LaHood   92nd District Representative
Jehan Gordon-Booth
73rd District Representative Ryan Spain   17th District Representative Cheri Bustos
City of Peoria Councilman At-Large
Sid Ruckriegel
  Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Ray LaHood
Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Executive Director Eric Miller
  Bradley University Executive Director
Brad McMillan
IDOT Secretary of Transportation
Omer Osman
  Discover Peoria CEO J.D. Dalfonso
Peoria County Board Chairman Andrew Rand   West Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council Representative Matt Bartolo
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council CEO Chris Setti   Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce
CEO Joshua Gunn
City of Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich   Peoria County Administrator Scott Sorrell

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