The metropolitan transportation planning process is a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive effort to address all modes of transportation in the Peoria Metropolitan Planning Area. Highway, Transit, Freight, Bicycle and Pedestrian transportation concerns are all incorporated into the federally required documents, Metropolitan (Long Range) Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program. In these pages below we invite you to delve deeper. There you can find more targeted plans, studies, and resources for each mode of transportation.

The overwhelming majority of transportation in the Greater Peoria region is accomplished using personal vehicles. Those vehicles utilize planned networks of roads within and between communities in our region. Learn more about some of the recent projects which took a detailed look at specific, significant street corridors or intersections in our region. READ MORE →


TCRPC plays a unique role in the transit community as dedicated staff provides continuing support for the urban and rural Human Services Transportation Planning (HSTP) process. Read on to find out more about the transportation issues faced by some of our most vulnerable residents living in the Heart of Illinois. READ MORE →

The mobility of freight from, to, and through this region is important factor by which transportation can enhance economic development opportunities. Resources on the next page aim to shed some light on the current state of and future plans for freight transportation in Greater Peoria. READ MORE →

BikeConnect HOI is a regional bicycle planning process for the greater Peoria area. It identifies proposed regional bicycle networks within the Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties. The primary focus is to identify a proposed bicycle network that connects the communities within the region. READ MORE →

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