Land Use & Environment

As development continues throughout our region, TCRPC finds it important to incorporate sustainability and preservation efforts in our scope of work. Through our land use and environmental services, we participate in comprehensive planning, watershed planning, hazard mitigation planning, restoration and sustainability efforts, developing model ordinances, and much more. Learn more about our land use & environment projects below!

A comprehensive plan is a document created by a local unit of government that answers the question, “How can our community become an even better place to live, work, and visit?” TCRPC participates in comprehensive planning by providing assistance to municipalities and counties in facilitating and developing these plans. READ MORE →

TCRPC, PLBA, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers are joining forces to engage the public and regional stakeholders in the development of a comprehensive conservation plan for the Peoria Lakes. READ MORE →


TCRPC works to bring regional emergency management stakeholders together to adequately prepare for events such as tornadoes, storms, and floods through a hazard mitigation plan. READ MORE →

Tri-County continues to publish conservation and environmentally-focused plans to ensure a high quality of life for the region’s citizens, plants, and animals. READ MORE →

Regional Water Supply Planning

In collaboration with the IDNR and the ISWS, Tri-County is examining the available water supply in the Middle Illinois region. This involves asking questions such as, “Does water supply meet demand? and, Is there a potential change in water sources in the future?” Tri-County, IDNR, and the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) are now picking up where a past project has left off in 2015 to analyze the science, logistics, and planning aspects of the state water supply in the Middle Illinois Basin, which is made up of Peoria, Woodford, Stark, Marshall, Putnam, LaSalle, and Livingston counties.

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