Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

Full Commission

The full board of TCRPC is the primary decision-making body for the organization and is composed of 22 members. Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties are each represented by their own 7 voting members. Commissioners for each county are appointed by their respective County Board Chairperson. IDOT is represented by one voting member, who is appointed by the Illinois Secretary of Transportation. The Full Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm, unless otherwise posted. To view future meeting dates and meeting materials, please visit our Calendar page.

TCRPC Commission Members

Name County Email Phone
Bender, Matthew Peoria (309) 634-5847
Bockler, Roy Woodford (309) 360-4620
Crawford, Russ Tazewell (309) 256-2468
Drury, Clinton Peoria (309) 287-1237
Gorman, Don Peoria (309) 251-1879
Grimm, Brett Tazewell (309) 360-2648
Hinrichsen, Mike Woodford (309) 256-9196
Kingdon, Ben Woodford (309) 830-8157
Lind, Eric Woodford (309) 229-9463
Menold, Greg Tazewell (309) 303-5567
Miller, Jim IDOT (309) 370-9497
Mingus, Seth Tazewell (309) 348-3695
Neuhauser, Tim Tazewell (309) 231-0388
Phelan, Michael Peoria (309) 363-4804
Proehl, Nancy Tazewell (309) 208-4246
Rosenbohm, Paul Peoria (309) 256-6818
Salzer, Phil Peoria (309) 251-4868
Smith, Mike Woodford (309) 923-7034
Sundell, Susan Tazewell (309) 241-1951
Van Winkle, Stephen* Peoria (309) 219-6897

Standing Committees

The Commission may establish committees to assist in the operation, management, and program planning activities of TCRPC. Committees may focus on internal operations (e.g. Ways and Means Committee, Personnel Committee) or may focus on a specific issue or project. All committees are made up of Commissioners, with the exception of a Citizen Advisory Committee (not currently active). The following are all active committees of TCRPC.

Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as the policy and formulation body for the Commission. The Executive Board consists of the five Commission Officers and four other Commissioners appointed by the full board. All Executive Board members serve one-year terms. The executive director of TCRPC also serves as a non-voting, advisory member to the Executive Board. The Executive Board may perform all the functions and duties of the Commission, should a full quorum of Commission members not be present.The Executive Board meets monthly, on the Monday before each full Commission meeting, unless otherwise posted.

Executive Board Members

Name Represents Position
Steve Van Winkle Peoria Chair
Vacant Woodford 1st Vice Chair
Nancy Proehl Tazewell 2nd Vice Chair
Vacant Woodford Treasurer
Clint Drury Peoria Secretary
Russ Crawford Tazewell
Mike Phelan Peoria
Vacant Woodford
Sue Sundell Tazewell

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means committee reviews and advises the Commission on the fiscal affairs of the Commission. The Ways and Means Committee meets the fourth Thursday of every month before the full commission meeting from 4:30-5:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

Ways and Means Committee Members

Name Represents Position
Vacant Woodford Chair
Nancy Proehl Tazewell
Clint Drury Peoria

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee reviews and advises the Commission on personnel matters, and carries out other responsibilities as specified by the Commission. The Personnel Committee only meets when needed.

Personnel Committee Members

Name Represents Position
Vacant Woodford Chair
Mike Phelan Peoria
Sue Sundell Tazewell

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee nominates Commissioners to serve in officer positions and to serve on committees. The Nominations Committee meets yearly–typically in the month of May–to prepare nominations for the coming fiscal year, unless otherwise posted.

Nominations Committee Members

Name Represents Position
Mike Phelan Peoria Chair
Russ Crawford Tazewell
Vacant Woodford